18. 04. 2018
Pernod Ricard Hungary held a digital communication pitch for Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet. We won both of them.

Csaba Mosonyi, Hungarian market’s marketing director of our client, the no.1 spirit producer of premium segment told it was a great challenge with both brands to adjust to international communicational directions and to adapt key messages meanwhile creating a “glocal” campaign concept that fits the domestic positions of the brands and local market features and target groups.

Whisky is advertised with ice – relevance building to Chivas:

For Chivas Regal the goal is to build on relevance: to ensure that premium whisky consumption is not only the rate privilege of top class businessmen, but we're delighted with the pleasures and successes with a glass of Chivas, and we consume it in a friendly company.

The international "win the right way" communication message provided enough room for us and the domestic strategic concept was built on the sports platform. The selected ice-hockey discipline's dynamism and spectacle meet Chivas Regal's global brand communication requirements, but the hockey theme is not only chosen because of the attraction of the discipline and sportsmen but also the well-known positive attitude of the Hungarian hockey fans. The fact that they are always celebrating the hard work done, real sportsman attitudes, and not merely a numerical result, even if the team lost, they can still sing the Hungarian anthem standing at the end of the game when they saw great team efforts have been done - and this is nothing more than a "win the right way" slogan’s spontaneous incarnation. Another communication point was during the spring, Hungary was organizing the IIHF Division I Ice Hockey World Championships.

So the timing of the campaign was before and during the Hockey World Cup with the inclusion of Jégkorongblog.hu (IceHockeyBlog.hu), which is the information center of the fan community. Besides display advertisements featuring players who previously have participated the Division I World Championship (Levente Super, András Benk, Csaba Kovács) there we have also prepared amazing entertaining videos introducing impressive ice-skating skill challenges. Obviously, besides the stars Chivas Regal made an appearance in each of them. In one of the videos, we had to use the hockey players stopping dynamism, as they pour crushed ice into a whisky glass.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHNM1XI91eU


Native image campaign for The Glenlivet:

The other pitched and won brand, The Glenlivet, was the first whisky distillation plant getting permission in the Scottish Highlands in 1824, and today it is the leading single malt, which means distillated malt whisky. As the name also refers to „The” article is part of the trademark. We implemented the original British "The Whisky, The Glenlivet" campaign to easily decodable format to Hungarian consumers. Therefore, instead of playing with English article, the premium brand is built through creative media usage - though, because of the higher positioned target audience, as a rare exception at the Hungarian market it keeps English copy in the ads. Likewise it is also rare to use native advertising solution which seems to be the organic part of the publishing media, even if not completely in content marketing meaning.

The basic concept is that the product that is market leader in its area is only displayed on sites that can also say they are market leaders on their area. In the ad the medium that placed it is offering (presenting its name, position and logo) The Glenlivet hence the image of best medium in its category helps to deepen the frontrunner image of The Glenlivet in the consumer. Among other sites we partnered with Portfolio („THE source of business news”), Utazómajom or, for example, Player.hu („THE men’s magazine”). Additionally, the target group has been reached through programmatic ads on "whitelist sites" that are "The Medium" in their category as well.

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