07. 06. 2019
For 2019 we signed a one-year agreement with Croatian Podravka, the distributor and producer of the Vegeta brand.


After winning the tender, we started the first stage of the work by managing the social media platforms of Vegeta Natur product line, such as Vegeta – Főzz Szabadon’s Facebook or Vegeta Magyarország’s Instagram page.

The brand is traditional and age-old in Hungary, so the primary goal of the social media communication is reaching the youngsters, raise their awareness and increase reach and interaction. In order to reach this target audience, we built groups on Facebook, which are attached to the brand page. In these closed groups not only the brand can communicate with the users, but also members can talk to each other, furthermore the users get notifications about the new posts, so we can reach even more users.

In addition we also work closely with Podravka brands as professional advisers to create their communication strategy. From the second half of the year Podravka will celebrate their 60th anniversary, so we can expect more active communication.

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03. 10. 2019
Molcsapat.hu, Béresmozgás.hu, Sütnijó!, Digital Media Facts Book, Enter!Digital® - what connects them? Each of them is owned media created for branding purposes, i.e. brand media – and we make them all.
23. 09. 2019
As a celebration of our annual joint "Fruit canning Campaign", we decided to invite Dr. Oetker's marketing and brand team to a „canning party” where we cooked apricot jam together.
01. 08. 2019
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