07. 08. 2017
Go, MOL! Go, MOL Team!


We have started to work on the assignments related to molcsapat.hu scheduled for the 17th FINA World Championships. We were entrusted with the development of the content marketing and the inherent social media strategy, as well as with the reform and operation of the molcsapat.hu website that has been running for years already.

The molcsapat.hu site was created by MOL to provide their sponsored athletes, sports clubs and the fans with a personal and informal meeting point in the online space. One of our main aspirations was to bring a new, modern approach to the definition of sport news. As a result, we added a so-called ‘social feed’ section to the newly developed portal, which collects dynamically all social and web-related contents of the athletes, teams and sports clubs sponsored by MOL for the users. During the edition of molcsapat.hu we also strive to create more magazine-like, unique articles with well-identifiable images and contents that are relevant in both the social and classic online media.

The first act of the assignment is focused on the FINA World Championships, since at this prestigious sports event we expect the most medals from the MOL Team freshly fortified by Katinka Hosszú and the female and male water polo teams. As molcsapat.hu also serves as the landing page for the “Fan is in you!” campaign running during the world championships, special attention is focused on the website at the moment.

Latest news
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26. 04. 2018
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18. 04. 2018
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11. 04. 2018
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