14. 05. 2019
Scitec Nutrition, a manufacturer and distributor of sport nutrition supplements has a long-term commitment with us

Instead of a multinational agency network, Scitec has chosen us at its Social Media tender earlier this year. "Although they do not have a foreign office, they demonstrated both absolutely and relatively the most convincing skills and competencies we consider important in an agency," András Gyenes, CEO of Scitec, explained their decision.

The first objective of our collaboration is to create a winning advertising strategy for 13 European countries for brands targeting the bodybuilding audience. This means that the management of social media ads in each country has come to our hands this year. The situation is complex because in the countries concerned not only the consumption habits but also the sales channels are different. These tasks are perfect "warm-up exercises" for achieving our strategic goal of international expansion.

During our cooperation, marketing tasks can only be carried out within a very strictly controlled framework, because being in a special product category requires scientifically substantiated claims in completed materials to maintain consumer trust in the brand. Scitec is committed to health and pure competition. This fact is confirmed by the existence of Scitec Institute, which supports the training of athletes, and their sponsorship agreement with MOB.

We are very proud that they have chosen us in their tender!

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