23. 06. 2020
As with the 2008 crisis in the first DMTK (Digital Media Facts Book), the coronavirus has not prevented us from publishing our digital market overview. True, the content had to be partially redesigned to meet the new circumstances.

Our digital and content marketing agency published the DMTK for the thirteenth time. The publication presents the facts and trends of digital marketing, media, and consumption in the usual way. This year’s focus is on the advancement of digital audio and video content, so more material is specifically addressing the consumer and marketing aspects of the streaming and podcast market.

At the same time, the circumstances are not uncommon: at the time of writing, the coronavirus has completely transformed the world in both health and economic terms, to which the DMTK has also responded. Therefore, in addition to looking back, looking ahead also appeared more prominently in the content. This is due to a more than a month later digital-only appearance than usual. DMTK will also appear in print at a later date, packaged with Creative Magazine.

"The crisis of 2008 did not prevent us from launching DMTK either, and we have done our best to provide the latest, most realistic picture of international and domestic trends in the digital world. The focus on streaming - now even more current - has been chosen before the pandemic, but due to the changed world order, the complex and growing effects of the screen universe can be felt right on our skin not only as professionals but as consumers, parents, employers, and employees. That is why we tried to incorporate as much as possible from the ideas researching the market-shaping effect of the coronavirus." –said by Gergely Soós, our founder-owner.s


The 2020 Digital Media Book of facts is available in Hungarian language olny:


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