07. 01. 2010
On Auchan’s price comparative site the range of services available has been expanded. Community features are also available and it will be easier to find products and on the whole, more convenient to use the website.

The http://www.hiperarak.hu/ website compares the four leading retailer chains prices for 600 products (Auchan, Tesco, Cora, Interspar). In agreement with content providers, from January, the site offers broader content, like external statistics, blog entries, analyses and also further comparison of seasonal products. We have simplified the structure of the site and built in a blog for pricing content. Users can subscribe for the regular newsletter and follow Hiperarak.hu at it's Twitter account.

Latest news
The instant money sending service built into Viber premiered to the world today.
03. 10. 2019
Molcsapat.hu, Béresmozgás.hu, Sütnijó!, Digital Media Facts Book, Enter!Digital® - what connects them? Each of them is owned media created for branding purposes, i.e. brand media – and we make them all.
23. 09. 2019
As a celebration of our annual joint "Fruit canning Campaign", we decided to invite Dr. Oetker's marketing and brand team to a „canning party” where we cooked apricot jam together.
01. 08. 2019
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