14. 06. 2017
The pharmaceutical company chose us for the launch campaign of their new, complex prenatal care vitamin.

Together with the no1 women portal NLCafé, we developed a native advertising concept with which we can address our female target group at different stages of their lives. Biovital® Mom&Baby is a vitamin that contains DHA (Omega-3 fatty acid), iron and folate utilizable for the human body without needing to be converted. It has the advantage of being adequate from baby-planning through pregnancy to the end of lactation, so women never have to change their vitamin throughout their pregnancy. Thus one can find various articles and topics depicting these life situations in the Vigyázz, kész, baba! (Ready, steady, baby!) column. Besides this native advertising on NLCafé, sponsorship on the market leading baby-mom site, Babaszoba.hu also has a highlighted role in the digital campaign.

We won the task on a tender, thanks to our agency’s 10+ years of experience in developing and managing own and clients’ content marketing projects.

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