10. 08. 2017
Let us present you our back-to-school e-commerce aggregator site, sponsored by Mastercard.

Based on the experience of our DotcommerceDay and Black Friday promotional platforms, this time we organized back-to-school promotions to one space. On the Nyárzuhanás site (the name itself is a pun in Hungarian that combines summer with falling prices), parents can browse discounts related to the start of the school year, and, interpreting back-to-school in a broader sense, promotions targeting moms, families, and the fall season in general.

Discounts available on the site are valid between August 14 and 20. Among the discounting traders you can find some of the biggest webshops, like Mediamarkt.hu, the Praktiker webshop or eMAG, and many smaller, specialized online shops.

In the advertising campaign to promote the event, we used unusual, animGIF banners to fight ad blindness. Just look how cute the offsprings of our colleague, Ádám are?!

Furthermore, we display banners with dynamically changing creatives in programmatic systems, driving traffic to our site, constantly rotating the myriad of different discounts. Besides online advertisements, radio spots help more people reach Nyárzuhanás.hu.

Opening a new chapter in our cooperation dating back several years, the main sponsor of the site is Mastercard, as – for now – Nyárzuhanás supports the incitement of bank card usage and related education. E-traders participating in the event are addressed by Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta) with B2B communication.

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