26. 04. 2018
Operational management of neo is taken over by Benda Gergely from 1, May, Gergely Soós former CEO owner concentrates on market building in the future.

Gergely Benda replaces Gergely Soós in the CEO seat at our agency. Previously Benda was the country manager, later vice president of CEE marketing at HBO. Our purpose with his arrival is to continue our market-shaping activity, innovation strategy, search of blue oceans with double force as a 16-year-old advertising and content company and provide high quality service to our clients.

„It has long been my concern to be an active part of building a world-class, internationally potent, successful company from a vigorous domestic business. Neo has all the qualities for this adventure” – told Gergely Benda who loves to spend his time with his 2 children, with catamaran sailing and music mostly besides work.

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The instant money sending service built into Viber premiered to the world today.
03. 10. 2019
Molcsapat.hu, Béresmozgás.hu, Sütnijó!, Digital Media Facts Book, Enter!Digital® - what connects them? Each of them is owned media created for branding purposes, i.e. brand media – and we make them all.
23. 09. 2019
As a celebration of our annual joint "Fruit canning Campaign", we decided to invite Dr. Oetker's marketing and brand team to a „canning party” where we cooked apricot jam together.
01. 08. 2019
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