05. 11. 2020
Remaining alone in the category, the international jury finally awarded Moneytou a bronze prize at the 2020 Hipnozis awards. What else could we say about this: uff!


In 2019, we launched our instant money sending and receiving service (i.e. Moneytou) which was built in Viber as an in-app extension. We sent this love project to the ring at one of the most important advertising competitions in Hungary,

This year, the jury scored the entries with draconian rigor: they gave only 3 gold awards, and none of them were in the commercial categories - which is why no one got the agency of the year award at the 2020 online gala. That’s why we’re particularly pleased that Moneytou – as the sole winner in the “Innovative Platform Use” category – got awarded a bronze diploma to the Gombocz Street team.

Find out more about our winning campaign!

Want to know more about Moneytou’s life path from birth to world premiere? Click here!

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