03. 05. 2016
Consortium of Hinora Marketing Group and Neo Interactive won the tender launched last summer.

By launching the tender, Antenna Hungária aimed the renewal of MinDig TV and MinDig TV Extra sites and the integration of those within a common platform. Previously, the free service and the pay service had separate websites. The new mobile-friendly website was launched in February 2016. Clients now are able to access the different services (MinDig TV, MinDig TV Extra) on a common platform, but on a well separated way.

The new site features information clearly organized and without content duplication.  By restructuring information, it’s also expected that differences between the two services will become clear in the eyes of consumers. Agency partners not only had to provide to the graphic or development task, but also had to give effective support to the unified MinDig TV umbrella brand. Displaying MinDig TV Extra internet and mobile services in addition to the existing TV services and developing a new webshop supporting the sales of those was a top priority.

The task was carried out by the consortium of Hinora Marketing Group (design, creative planning) and neo (website development).

The new website is available at http://mindigtv.hu/

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