19. 05. 2017
We have renewed the gem of our owned media branch, the biggest Hungarian file transfer service.

Hundreds of thousands of senders and recipients are being connected by Mammutmail since 2016, and this is the second big remake in its life. We switched from the previous flash base to htlm5 within this framework, adapting to the recent developments in web technology. Besides, we dropped out the preselection page, changed the notification e-mails, and also enabled an instant forwarding option for the downloaders.

The modification process has not finished with this: the next step is going to be the optimization of the ad serving admin interface (which is not visible for the users), as our ad zones have been changed and improved a lot since the launch of the original site that should be followed up also from server side by now.

The most significant among these is the full-screen wallpaper and video ad, like for example the currently running creative of Ballentine’s campaign in the attached screenshot.

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18. 04. 2018
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