03. 10. 2019
The instant money sending service built into Viber premiered to the world today.

We have been working on developing the Moneytou fintech service and brand for over a year now, and probably we have reached one of the most important stages in our work! At the press conference with Rakuten Viber’s and Mastercard's domestic and international executives, it has become public that Viber users will be able to send money easily to each other by using the "chat extension" in the application within a few weeks.

The new Viber feature, Moneytou, can be used with Hungarian issued bank cards first in the world, and the amount sent will be immediately available to the receiver on his or her bank account. The Moneytou brand, referring both to the great Indian spirit and to peer-to-peer money transfer, had originally started as a neo internal project, but the agile service development quickly showed its potential magnitude and its inherent cross-border potential.

Therefore, we organized it into NeoPay as a separate company, and from here it goes on its own path, on the happy hunting ground for subscribers. After this small mixed metaphor, here is a little quotation from some of the speeches made at the October 3. international press conference:

“We’re happy to introduce Moneytou, a strategic project soon to be launched in Hungary and offering a unique payment solution for all our users in the country. Teaming up with our partners from Mastercard and NeoPay made it possible to offer Hungarians the opportunity to easily send, receive and transfer money to friends and family with just a few taps” - said Cristina Constandache, CRO (chief revenue officer) at Rakuten Viber. “Our mission has always been to bring valuable solutions to our users by opening our platform to innovative companies. We are excited and eager to roll out Moneytou in more countries by the end of the year.”

 “We are convinced that this will be a great service to meet basic consumer needs in today’s digital environment. Ever wanted to split a restaurant bill, collect money for an office gift or give pocket money to your children without using cash? Moneytou makes all these extremely quick, easy and secure for all Viber users” – said Gabriel Ghita, Vice President, Business Development at Mastercard.

 “The good thing about Moneytou is that is works incredibly easily: users only need to register once, and from then on, money is “just one of the many things” that they can share within Viber. The transaction takes place between the cards of two private parties which means that Moneytou is not a “wallet” application, it does not have a balance; users do not need to deposit or withdraw money with or through the app.  Our company’s goal in the first phase of expansion, is to also appear in more than 25 million Rakuten Viber users’ apps in Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria” – outlined Gergely Benda, NeoPay’s founder-executive.

  “The cooperation of these outstanding partners and the innovative payment technology developed by NeoPay have attracted GB & Partners Investment Management. The Exim Crossborder Fund managed by GB & Partners invests in NeoPay thus providing the financial background for the launch of Moneytou first in Hungary and then potentially in neighboring countries. “We see a huge growth potential in this unique solution and strongly believe in the success of the collaboration of these top notch players” – added Gábor Bürchner, investment director at GB & Partners.

Click here for infographics

Click here for infographics

 Find further information and tutorial video in Viber or on moneytou.eu.

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The instant money sending service built into Viber premiered to the world today.
03. 10. 2019
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