21. 12. 2017
We designed Viber sticker pack for Travelling Monkey (Utazómajom) inter alia based on the outcome of our recent representative Viber research.


The most popular Hungarian online travel portal Utazómajom was among the first to open public account in Viber instant messaging app late spring this year. But not the usual way since Utazómajom has acquired twelve thousand followers organic way, offering them flash sale travel offers and error-fares, instead of launching free sticker pack (by downloading that one becomes the follower of the brand automatically).

However Utazómajom also decided to come out with a sticker pack by now, and asked us to design something special for that.

We created animated stickers, which solution has only been used by Sziget Festival in Hungary so far. We presented the key visuals, the pic phases and the Viber banner while the sticker animations were scripted by Viber itself. Click here to view our funky monkeys.


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