27. 06. 2017
In Hungary we have pioneered in mixing these three tools together, in Dr. Oetker’s Canning campaign.

Take one campaign goal: traffic drive to Dr. Oetker’s Canning site.

Choose the ingredients: programmatic ad buying; dynamically changing creatives; real content instead of ad copy, i.e. recipes.

Mix the ingredients carefully: use open RTB for higher reach and more precise optimization. Display hundreds of recipes through dynamic banners without having to develop them one by one. Fix parts of the banner: logo, short campaign message, CTA button. Dynamic elements of the banner: recipes dragged from the landing page – picture, title and shortened description of the recipe. In case of prospecting tactics recipes should appear randomly, while in case of retargeting take care of showing another recipe instead of the one already seen/visited by your consumer.

Result: compared to the ordinary display campaigns the click-through rate is much higher, 0.2%, reflecting the inquiring Internet users who met interesting content at the banner spaces.

And why is the above solution considered as pioneer? Although the systems serving automated, native ads are already available also in Hungary, there has not been an example before to run content-based, dynamically changing ads not on these platforms (i.e. displayed not on news sites, in offers under articles), but on any website, in the regular display zones, in standard IAB formats.

During the campaign we used DataXu’s programmatic service, Dynamic Advert Optimizer’s system and Dr. Oetker’s recipes. Enjoy your meal!

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