22. 10. 2020
What ingredients do we need to make the coolest recipe magazine in Hungary? Quality of raw materials and a professional team. Click and find out what an unadulterated digital culinary experience is!

In 2011, Dr. Oetker launched an online prescription magazine, sütnijó.hu. We joined the communication development of the platform in 2015, and since then the appearance, content structure, and digital campaigns of the site have been made in the kitchen of our Gombocz Street office (witch).

This year, our most important task was to renew the structure of the site and improve UX/UI – or in other words to dress our favorite recipe magazine in a new robe.

Project goal and concept

The project aimed to create a user-friendly interface where users are happy to browse and spend more time. From the UX perspective, we examined the pages of the competition and gathered the elements that most help the user find the content that is most important and interesting to them.

When designing the page, we put the content at the center. We have subordinated everything so that users can easily find recipes, videos, or articles that interest them. It was important to not only get up but also to keep users ’attention.

The most important milestones and experiences of the campaign

Most users came from external sites to specific recipe subpages and then left. Our primary KPI was to increase this visit time, to entice visitors to additional pages.

We made sure that the browsing experience was continuous, so there was an »infinite scroll« on the list pages. In addition to focusing on content, we also focused on getting well-composed and huge images on the page.


What we are proud of

“I’ve been involved in several site development and relaunch already, but this one was among the best in all-time management, smoothness, flexibility! Congratulations, it was a nice job! And special thanks to the developers, I had not met such an open and flexible team for a long time! ” - Oliver Filák; Digital Manager, Dr. Oetker.

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