23. 11. 2020
We redesigned our favorite Black Friday site, which we launched in 2017. Check it out!

Hungary's most popular Black Friday site - redesigned

HelloBlackFriday.hu has received a new robe, which has been helping visitors navigate the sea of ​​Black Friday discounts since 2017. The portal has undergone a complete update so that action hunters can find the best discounts on all devices easily and quickly during the Black Friday period and throughout the year.

In 2020, HelloBlackFriday.hu underwent a complete renewal. After reaching the top of the Google results rankings in 2019, officially becoming the most popular Black Friday action search website, it was time to introduce an improved version of the portal. A new interface, advanced search and filter, and countless new features await coupon seekers to select the best Black Friday deals with a few clicks.

Our agency has been promoting online shopping for a decade through various digital promotions and campaigns. The Internet Shopping Day, which started in 2010, was replaced by HelloBlackFriday.hu in 2017 to adjust with the consumer habits of the age. Our promotion information page is designed to help everyone – novice discount seekers and professional discount hunters trained in the density of Black Friday promotions – to find current and valuable offers in the huge advertising noise of Black Friday.

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15. 01. 2021
We redesigned our favorite Black Friday site, which we launched in 2017. Check it out!
23. 11. 2020
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12. 11. 2020
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