06. 07. 2016
Neo is the first agency to use Post For Rent influencer platform in Hungary.

HBO launched a 3 weeks long digital campaign in April to support the premiere of the new Game of Thrones series. Neo Interactive took up the digital media planning and buying duties related to the GoT6 campaign. Our campaign featured spectacular display solutions (video, sponsorship), PPC and social media activities. We also used influencer marketing tools to reach younger audiences.

Neo was the first agency in Hungary to use Post For Rent, an online marketplace that provides the automated handling of social media content developed by local influencers. Part of the campaign was an app install push that featured 9 influencer posts on Instagram. Those posts produced a reach of 255,000 users and an engagement of 13,000.

'Studies show that the new breed of social influencers have the best chance to engage young audiences. Game of Thrones is an extremely strong brand and as such, it was worth trying a new marketing tool. We had already experiments with the use of influencer marketing but scalability, the lack of automation and high unit costs put difficulties. By using Post for Rent platform, we were able to reach more than 250,000 users in just 3 days, in a very cost-effective way', says Kálmán Hegyi, Director of Media at neo.

'In order to develop successful branded content, communication has to rely on a precise brief that features all the necessary elements (brand/campaign hashtags, url, tagline, instructions on what to do or not to do with the brand etc.) By having all this information we are able to instruct content creators. It's important to note that influencers generally know better what really engages their followers so brands should be able to give them free hand. Give them the keywords that they can build into their own context and the result will be a content that feels organic', advises the Chief Growth Officer for Post For Rent.

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