11. 04. 2018
We have won a pitch and start a lifestyle portal for elderly target group.

Beresmozgas.hu was launched at the beginning of March, 2018. Contents of the website which is around bone and cartilage friendly lifestyle are chosen from the areas of moving, nutrition and health preservation targeting elderly age group.

At the end of 2017 Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. held a pitch for website development offering preventive and educational content for patients dealing especially with movement disorders and for their relatives realizing content marketing goals in order to support their professional patient education programme. The professional task was further complicated by the fact that the platform would fundamentally address more target groups of different ages, since movement disorders may occur from the age of twenty to the old age.

As the winner of the pitch – and as a digital and content marketing agency developing the website and the professional content of the platform - we raised the stake in the fact that, besides the written genre, we also built in "TV" and "radio" services because of the media socialization of the target group. The starting video production brings back the atmosphere of the TV series "The older people may also start", while podcasts create the atmosphere of medical consultations for users. The website obviously does not disclose the education of younger age groups, most of the age-tagged content calls their attention. The site also selects from social contents, and the goal of the built-in "social feed" is to strengthen the platform’s community building ability through reviewing Béres Health Club’s and other relevant platforms.

According to Tamás Szabolcsik, product manager at Béres Pharmaceuticals, the Internet platform today is already well-off to provide personalized responses to lifestyle, nutrition and health issues for older people as well. Regarding the project, he explained: "The recently launched »Béres - Moving Experts« program aims to help communication between physicians and patients. We are convinced that effective information exchange contributes to the successful management of health problems, and one of its appearance - nowadays even for the elderly - is the online platform offering high quality and relevant content. "

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