13. 04. 2021
We asked our Art Director colleague Bolla Fanni to introduce us to the UI trends of recent years. In the first part of our article, you can read about the styles that have been dominant for a long time
01. 04. 2021
At the end of the first quarter of 2020, Ferenc Novák, our head of the social media business unit, gave two training. You can now read a summary on these, click for more details!
03. 02. 2021
Before we put out the “festive closure” sign at the end of last year, we created the media mix and influencer strategy for MOL Limo’s Christmas campaign. Learn how we effectively reached the target audience of the campaign and which influencer resonated best with potential users.
07. 04. 2021
Dr. Oetker chose us to Ristorante brand first digital-focused image campaign's media partner.
22. 02. 2021
Drive magazine is growing with us in the world of digital media this year as well, and our tasks have been expanded with a new element – details in the article!
19. 01. 2021
The film Escape from Pretoria debuted on AMC during the 2020 festive season. The channel has invited us to a digital media campaign for this event. Find out how we developed our escape master plan!
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