15. 01. 2021
What kind of customer gift can be safe in the middle of a pandemic? As a digital agency, the answer was obvious to us. That is why at the end of last year, we decided to surprise our partners and front-line heroes with a special surprise during the long-distance holiday season.
12. 11. 2020
In our latest article, you can read about the behind-the-scenes campaign of the MOL Drive campaign runned at the end of 2020 summer and about how optimizing can lead to outstanding results.
27. 10. 2020
At the 2020 Content + Marketing Awards and Influ 2020, we won bronze awards with Telenor’s autumn influencer campaign. Learn all about our award-winning campaign!
23. 11. 2020
We redesigned our favorite Black Friday site, which we launched in 2017. Check it out!
05. 11. 2020
Remaining alone in the category, the international jury finally awarded Moneytou a bronze prize at the 2020 Hipnozis awards. What else could we say about this: uff!
22. 10. 2020
What ingredients do we need to make the coolest recipe magazine in Hungary? Quality of raw materials and a professional team. Click and find out what an unadulterated digital culinary experience is!
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